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Translator Shunichi Nagae web site
Translator Shunichi Nagae web site
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Welcome to my web site. My name is Shunichi Nagae, and I am a Translator. My specialities include translating from Japanese to English family registers, resident cards, birth certificates, notification of marriage or divorce and other regulatory documents for Japanese people. From English to Japanese I translate stories and research papers. I also plan to touch upon and review other relevant topics including how to set up and manage your own business and/or corporaton in Japan. Because of the very nature of these topics, most of the relevant information will be in Japanese. However, in the future I would like to include documents available for those native to English so as to allow everyone a chance to understand the information that I offer. I also have my blog site in Japanese.
Personal History
Born in Fukuoka City, Japan
1999 - Present: Chief Executive Officer, Myer Japan Corporation
Japanese to English translation of business contracts, financial, economic and legal documents. Professional translator for 6 years
1989 - 1999: Daikyo Inc. Overseas Business Div. (Japan and Australia)
Business management at various companies including Reef Management Co. Ltd. in Cairns, Australia. Business planning at Daikyo Inc. in Tokyo, Japan.
1983 - 1989: Ford Motor Company (Japan and Australia)
Product planner resonsible for plannning small passengers and commercial vehicle models for exportation to Asia and Oceania regions.
1982 - 1983: Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries Ltd.
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Samurai Translators http://www.translators.jp/
Myer Eikaiwa School (Myer English School) http://www.eikaiwa.biz
Tokyo Samurai  http://www.myer.co.jp/
Myer Suppli: http://www.myer-suppli.com Purasesu Pharmaceutical products
Todai Juku http://www.todaijuku.com
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My scope of translation work ranges from Japanese to English translations of Japanese family registers and other official regulatory documents to English to Japanese translations of marketing web pages, journals, stock analysis, casuality insurance news, corporate financial statements, etc. Please refer to Samurai Translators web page for my translation services.
Translation job list
"The Letter" |translated by Shunichi Nagae
Some translations I have done from British classics, play writers and story tellers. The first one is a short story called "The letter". As this translation is done just for the pleasure of it, I did not take time to refine the translation. It should be considered not as a professionally translated documen but as a work that I derived pleasure from and simply as one of my passtimes, thus short of the quality that the original masterpiece demands. The Letter
Other translation examples
Chief translator, Myer Japan Corporation trading as Samurai Translators (Incorporated in 1999)
Proficiency in English SA Class by Program of the Official Languages Test of The United Nations Proficiency in English First Grade by the Society for Testing English Proficiency, Inc. (STEP)
TOEIC Score: 960
Bachelor of Arts, Economics from University of Tokyo
Native Japanese Speaker
Professional translator since December 1999, when Myer Japan Corporation was founded.
Japanese to English and English to Japanese translator. A member of The Japanese Association of Translators (JAT)
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